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На данное странице представлена песня Wop - J.Dashтанец тверк Майли Сайрус, к ней может быть караоке, минусовка или фонограмма, которые можно либо скачать, либо слушать онлайн на высокой скорости.
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Текст песни Wop

Uh-oh X2 J.Dash... Uh-oh X2 Chorus I made a little bit of money (I made a little bit of money) I paid my bills (I paid my bills) I paid this cover (I paid this cover) I ain't here to stand still (I ain't here to stand still) Let me see you wop Wop X24 Verse 1 Let me get lost if you don't Look at the reaction when I hit em in the front Got fleezy in the back and chello in the front Listen to the radio I got what you wont It's so fly cuz the club on chomp Got hizz like woofs beatin in the back of the door Ladies take it back throw it back to the front Bend yo' waist look to the front Now BOUNCE yo body to the beat just a little bit harder (harder) Shawty move yo feet just a little bit harder (harder) Anybody here wop better than me? Purple flag to the left WHO better than me. I got an all star squad who better than me. Man listening to the beat who better the me. I payed to get in so I ain't goin to jail and then be weepin' way to long... Chorus Verse 2 J.dash why you gotta do it like that Got the ladies checkin' they bags Wopping like they breakin' they backs (breakin they backs) Takin' it back, back, back... wait Now I'm chekin shawty with a microwave Hotta' than a shawty in a microwave Look at how she woppin' think she might get paid Wop Wop Wop a little harder Look at how she wop she a party starter I hope that security remembered to card her Cuz I never done the wop where you ain't hotter I never drop dime but I drop u a dollar Tell her if you give me your number then maybe I call her She said that she knew me and knew I'm a baler Man I better wop outa here I'll see u tomorrow. Chorus Outro Now drop, drop it to the floor yo (drop it to the floor yo) Wop X4 Now lean and... Wop X4 Turn around and Wop, wop, wop wop X2 Now wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle wiggle and... Wop X4 Play dead like... Then Wop X4 Strike a pose like... Then Wop X4 Check that lady like Dang she FINE... then WopX4 Beat it up like... then Wop X4 Speed it up like... then Wop X4 Make it rain like Wop X4 Do yo thang like Wop X4 Make money like Wop X4 Hit your body like Wop X4 Do yo thang like Wop X4 Make money like Wop X4 Make it rain like Wop X4 Slap dash... Put some more Wop X4 Purple flag Wop X4 Drink a stand Wop X4 Hit you're body like Wop X4 And we do it like Wop X4 Slow down like Hey This is another j.dash production Keep woppin' X18
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